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Welcome to Jagannath College, Jaleswar

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Jyotsna Ghosh
MA in Odia, Principal



The Jagannath Degree college thrives hard to bring a learning center of cultural ambiance in this commercial hour and will be promoting the pursuit of academic excellence with human values.

It tries its best to give quality education to the boys and girls of this locality within a parameter of affordable expenses. Being a co-education college it undergoes ardomy expedition to make it a harassment free with an ulterior motif of making the institution a violence free and in discriminating parity for all categories of students belonging to ST/SC and minority groups as well as economically weaker sections. It cherishes to establish a holistic relationship between teacher & taught. All these are incorporated in the visionary agenda.


This institution cherishes

i. To impart quality education and in future & shall try to develop the soft skill in connivance with the establishment of a computer hub.

ii. To inculcate the habit of reading for a successful goal.

iii. The quality of leadership may be given opportunity to flourish among the students.

iv. It is to create an atmosphere of ethical values spirit of compassion among the students.

On the whole, the vision & mission will give an ordeal of enrichment on the way of escalating the rudimentary qualities of growth in unity, integrity, accountability, carefulness devotion & dutifulness.


The major objectives behind all these factors are to prepare the students to confront the challenges of life in the aftermath academic achievements and above all to recognize the 'being' in every one. It carries on the torch bearing phenomenon to raise and explore the inherent quality of the students. To impart quality the updated teaching learning acumen is to be given emphasis by adapting the latest method & technology. It being a co-educational institution keeps the target of creating an aura of cordial, harmonious relationship. It aims at augmenting the research & extension activities.

It plays a significant role by communicating its mission, vision & objectives through website ( www.jagannathcollege.in) to the stakeholders, students, teachers and other learners of the locality. Besides that, all these are communicated through college calendar and the induction programme by NSS & YRC wings of the college.

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